Getting Smart with Beacon Checkpoints

If you've ever wondered: - "What if a checkpoint is misplaced or difficult enough to reach?" -

"Why should my security guard be aware of the exact position of the checkpoints regarding assets and buildings?"

and finally - "Is there a simple way to scan checkpoints from distance?" then you are at the right place!  Beacon checkpoints is the answer and ProxiGuard team could not ignore it,offering the only guard tour system worldwide which supports 3-play checkpoints technology!

So, let's get things under way and analyze beacon technology, as well as the functionality to the whole system.

What is a Beacon?

Beacon checkpoints is the answer and ProxiGuard team could not ignore it, way Proxiguard Live has incorporated it in guard tours, adding a significant A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter device, that uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to broadcast data signals on regular intervals; a Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone can detect those signals if within the beacon's range.

Can beacons be placed outdoors?

That depends. Some manufacturers provide splashproof or even waterproof beacons, so you can install them outdoors!

Which devices are compatible with beacons?

If your device supports Bluetooth-Low-Energy, then it can be used with beacons!

Do I need Bluetooth for it to work?

Yes; our beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy for broadcasting, so Bluetooth should be turned on your device for the beacon to be detected!

Why should I select beacons as checkpoints?

Selecting the correct checkpoint type depends on your needs; beacons provide many advantages that can make them the optimal choice: They do not require direct contact from the Guards; in fact, using Beacons you have a wide transmit rage to select (i.e. depending on the manufacturer, it can be set e.g. from 1,5m to up to 200m!). You can also use Automatic Scanning feature, so you could hide the beacons from your Guards if you wish to! All they need to do is pass by the locations of interest, and as long as they reach the beacon range, a BEACONSCAN event will be automatically sent to the system! Or, you can make use of Found&Lost feature, with which a BEACONSCAN event will be automatically sent when the Guard enters the beacon range and a BEACONLOST event will be sent when the Guard exits the range of the respective Beacon. Beacons are compatible with all mobile devices (Android and iOS), as long as they are Bluetooth-Low-Energy–enabled, so there is no limitation on the OS of your device (like is the case with NFC tags)!