A Series of Powerful Updates!

  •  Exciting News from ProxiGuard Live: A Series of Powerful Updates!

We're thrilled to announce a suite of enhancements to ProxiGuard Live, designed to elevate the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your security operations. Here's what you can expect in the upcoming update:

  •  Enhanced Worker Safety with Welfare Checks

Now, managers can set specific intervals for welfare checks through the app, ensuring worker safety with timely alerts if checks are missed. Find this under Menu > Welfare.

  •  Introducing Photo Uploads in Mobile Forms

Elevate your reporting with the ability to include photos in Mobile Forms, allowing for richer information sharing. Access this feature under Menu > Company > Mobile Forms.

  • Worker-focused Mobile Form Updates

Enhance your Mobile Forms with a new "Select (Entity Based)" element, enabling easy employee selection for appraisals and more, located at Menu > Company > Mobile Forms > Form Components.

  • Login Activity Overview

Gain insights into user login/logout activity with the new overview feature in the Actions Log, available at Menu > Actions Log.

  • Meet Your New AI Assistant

Our AI Assistant is here to streamline your operations, offering quick data insights with simple prompts like "How many incidents did we have last week?". Discover more under Menu > Reports.

  • Additional Improvements Across the Board:

Mobile Enhancements: Improved GPS accuracy, better video quality, and fixes for notification and checkpoint issues.

Web Platform Fixes: We've ironed out issues with MME visibility, language display in Arabic reports, DST adjustments for Mexico, and timestamp accuracy.

Stay ahead with ProxiGuard's latest features and ensure your operations are more secure, efficient, and responsive than ever before!