PG-GTS ProxiGuard Patrol Management Software

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It has the following main features:


1. Intelligently Designed for Easy, Fool-Proof Operations

Automatically completes tasks such as communicating with the readers, timeclock adjustment, data upload, data download, intelligent data identification, patrol plan verification, data verification, exceptions handling, etc. It's very easy to use and setup.


2. Multiple User Configurable Reports

Several reports to chose from : BASIC REPORT, FREQUENCY REPORT, PATROL DETAILS, SHIFT AND MAP REPORT (graphical report). All reports can be either viewed on the screen, printed, emailed or exported to MS EXCEL or PDF.


3. Automatic Verification System

The software automatically performs data processing and verification tasks when it receives guard tour data from the readers.


4. Automatic Data Backup and Data Archiving

The software automatically performs backup and old data archiving in the backgroung without the need of user intervention.


5. Highly Reliable Data Storage

The database is self healing in case of corruption and the guard tour reader hardware can store over 30,000 pieces of guard tour data even without electricity, and is able to re-upload the data when needed.


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ProxiGuard is the only RFID (Proximity) guard tour system in the world with impact detection. Reports will show each time the reader was either dropped or subject to a strong impact.

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