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Ultra-Big Screen - Replaceable, Upgradeable
Magnified Human-Machine Interface Removable Handlebar
Cushion Strip
Handlebar (Silica Gel)

Designed with humans in mind
Considerable details: anti-collision design at the back of handlebar to minimize impact caused by scratches and collisions.

IP56 Water proof Rating
Whether you are in the rain or on muddy terrains, just ride along without worring about water leakage.

LED Atmosphere Light
Featuring breathing/flashing/flowing effects, The LED Atmosphere light highlights your steering experience.

Dynamic Contour
We give thorough consideration to the size of every part and every curve so as to deliver dynamic exterior lock and realize the optimal function and user experience.

Dual Bluetooth Speakers, Hi-Fi Sound Quality - Bass Engine Technology, Stereo Sound, Inbound Source, Intelligent Bluetooth chip

Dual Intelligent Balancing Chips - Build-in intelligent balancing chip to maintain longtitude balance. Fuzzy Algorithm & Aviation Altitude Control Technique Escort your way by our intelligent protecting system. Armed by the most advanced processor worldwide: Top architecture and significant performance improvement. capable of processing 1024M fps to monitor real-time data.


Motion of the Contol Shaft: Horizontal
Weight: 22.4kg
Max. Speed: About 18km/h (Speed alert activates at 12km/h)
Max. range: 15-65km (Vary with rider's weight temperature and road condition)
Max. Climbing Angle: About 15 (Riders who weigh 60kg get up to 18)
Battery Capacity: 260Wh/340Wh/520Wh/680Wh (Protection board with SOC equalization)
Working Temperature: -10~40C (Best at 20C-30C)
Max. Load: 120kg
Charge Voltage: AC220V 50-60Hz
Charge Time:
260Wh: About 180min (90min charge to 80% full)
340Wh: About 250min (160min charge to 80% full)
520Wh: About 360min (200min charge to 80% full)
680Wh: About 470min (250min charge to 80% full)
Size: Height 1280mm, Length 613mm, Width 587mm
Tire Size: 14in
Pedal Height: 223mm
Chassis Height: 70mm


  • ProxiRover



ProxiGuard is the only RFID (Proximity) guard tour system in the world with impact detection. Reports will show each time the reader was either dropped or subject to a strong impact.

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